About Us

About Us

GurubhyO nama: 

SamskAram enables a person to live a vedic life.   Vedic life is a holistic life.  Completeness in life can happen only if we nurture mind, body and soul together. SamskAras are those invaluable secrets embedded in the Vedas which, our ancestors have preserved, due to their constant and untiring efforts, in not only preaching them but also practicing them relentlessly.

Why should we follow SamskAras?

  • For obtaining inner purity and acquiring noble qualities.
  • To enable younger generations to imbibe pure thoughts.
  • To loosen the bondage of karma.
  • To seek universal well-being.

What can you expect of this web site?

  • Creating a resource bank regarding all SamskAras and collecting right information about observance of SamskAras from the revered people who are following them and who can advise us.
  • While samskAras vary according to sub-sects, languages and sampradAyas, this site is an attempt to bring out those practices without distorting its values, for practice in day to day life.
  • An interactive platform both for Vedic Scholars and the aspirants as well, catering to their specific needs

How do we propose to achieve the above goals?

  • By contacting Acharyas, Pandits, Purohits, Priests, Vaidhikas, Dheekshitars, Swamijis, Gurus, Muttheads and other knowledgeable and distinguished personalities to help us create a resource bank.
  • By providing online audio video broadcast for day to day rituals according to respective sampradAyas,with the  help of the scholars.
  • Providing a customized display and pdfs of rituals to be performed by the A
  • Providing a user interface platform to cater to specific questions relating to SamskA
  • Bringing out articles on samskAras from scholars for indepth reading.
  • Setting up an Information window on related programmes in various cities.
  • Providing contact details of available Pandits in your place.
  • Providing important links related to SamskAra
  • Eventually, we contemplate providing SMS /E-mail alerts on events.

The site owns a broad idea of bringing back SamskAras in all their splendor into the life of contemporary Hindu brethren and eventually preserving the same for posterity.  No single individual can do this research and practice independently.  This attempt is an honest and sincere journey just begun.

In this big endeavor, we need your unstinted support and also active feedback to keep improving our services.  

Thank you for your time and support.  Please send your views, suggestions and queries at atmaraksha@gmail.com