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"samidh" means wood.  "AdhAnam" means placing.

samidAdhAnam is placing of wooden sticks called "samidh" in the sacrificial fire, agni.

Samidh sticks must be preferably those of the palaasha alias purasam alias flame of the forest alias kinshuka alias dhAk alias Buteau Frondosa tree.  Otherwise they can be those  of  the "ashvattha alias arasam alias peepal alias sacred fig alias Ficus Religiosa " tree.

It is a prayer to agni dEvataa offered by brahmachaarees (bachelors) in the morning and evening twilight,  following the sandhyAvanadanam karmA.  The boy offers 12 samid sticks into agni accompanied by mantrAs.

Both soorya (sun god) and agni (fire god) are an intergral part of a brahmachaarI's life.

In ViShnu purAnA, brahmachAri varNan, Chapter 3, adhyAy 9, verse 9, Sage Ourva expounds:

उभॆ सन्ध्यॆ रविं भूप तथैवाग्निं समाहित: ।

उपतिष्ठॆत्तदा कुर्याद्गुरॊरप्यभिवादनम्॥

ubhE sandhyE raviM bhoopa tathaivaagniM samaahita: |

upatiShThEttadaa kuryaadgurOrapyabhivaaadanam||

A bachelor should with devotion pray to soorya and agni during both the sandhyA kAlAs

and also do abhivAdan to his guru.


Only a bachelor (brahmachaari) who has been initiated into the sacred thread can do samidAdhAnam.


samidAdhAnam should be done in the morning and in the evening after the sandhyAvandanam.


At the time of "upanayanA" the boy child is initiated into the gAyatri mantra and is endowed with 2 basic daily duties i.e. the trikAla sandhyOpAsanA and the samidAdhAnA.  

Both these karmAs go a long way in moulding the child all through his formative years.  soorya and agni are his friend gods who bestow intelligence, prosperity, good progeny, strength and vigour.  They are also his guards as well as witnesses.  They protect him against evil and bad company.  sandhyAvandanam and samidadhAnam when done honestly, grants the child with abundant energy and pure mind.


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Things required:

1. samidh sticks (around 17)  समिध्

2. hOma kundaM हॊम कुण्डं

3. some ghee घृत

4. indanam (cow dung flakes) इन्दनम् 

5. match box अग्निपॆटिका

6. kamphor  कर्पूर

7. water जलं


A child is born, but a brahmachAri Ashram is made,                        made with a lot of effort.                                                              The results will follow later during his married life. (gruhastAshramam)..

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