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abhivAdanam is a reverential salutation by a person to an elder person/teacher accompanied with a brief introduction of his lineage like Gotra, shAkhA, sootra, and his name kept according to the nAmakaraNa /nAmadhEya samskArA.

Sage "ushana:" says in chapter 1.30 of "ushana samhitaa":

गुरुंदृष्ट्वा समुत्तिष्ठॆदभिवाद्य कृताञ्जलि: |

न तैरुपविशॆत् सार्द्धं विवदॆन्नार्थ कारणात्  ||

guruM dRuShTvaa samuttiShThEdabhivaadya krutaanjali:

na tairupavishEt saarddhaM vivadEnnaartha kaaraNaat.

On seeing an elder person, one should stand up with folded hands and salute him with abhivAdanam.  He should not sit at par with him or argue with him on any account.


A dwija / twice born who has received the sacred thread can start doing abhivAdanam.


You should do abhivAdanam to ELDERS as a gesture of respect and gratitude towards them.  This is a way of introducing yourself as the descendants of the great sages. The elders in turn shower their blessings on you. (pratyabhivAdanam).  

1. Manusmriti 2.120 says:

ऊर्ध्वम् प्राणा ह्युत्क्रामन्ति यून: स्थविर आयाति ।

प्रत्युत्थानम् अभिवादाभ्याम् पुनस् तान् प्रतिपध्यतॆ ॥

oordhvam prANA hyutkrAmanti yoona: sthavira AyAti

pratyutthAnam abhivAdAbhyAm punas tAn pratipadhyatE

The vital airs of a young man rise upwards to leave his body when an elder approaches:

so only when he physically gets up to meet him, he recovers them.

2.  "ushanas SamhitA" 1.45 by Sage "ushana:" says:

अभिवाद्याश्च पूर्व्वन्तु शिरसावधशर्म्म च  ।              

ब्राह्मणक्षत्रियाद्यैश्च श्रीकामै: सादरं सदा  ॥ 

abhivaadyaashcha poorvvantu shirasaavadhasharmma cha |

braahmaNa kShatriyaadyaishcha shreekaamai: saadaraM sadaa||

The braahmaNaas, the kshatriyaas and the others desirous of glory should respectfully bow their heads to their elders and do abhivaadanam. 

3. Manu smriti 2.121 says:

AÍpÉuÉÉSlÉ zÉÏsÉxrÉ ÌlÉirÉÇ uÉ×®ÉåmÉ xÉåÌuÉlÉÈ |

cÉiuÉÉËU iÉxrÉ uÉkÉïliÉå AÉrÉÑÌuÉï±É rÉzÉÉåoÉsÉqÉç ||

abhivaadana sheelasya nityam vruddhOpa sEvinaha |

chatvaari tasya vardhantE aayurvidyaa yashObalam ||

Four things are achieved by the person who always pays obeisance to elders and serves them.– ‘longevity of life’, ‘knowledge’, ‘fame’ and ‘increase of strength’ 



You should do AbhivAdhanam whenever you prostrate elders.alt


abhivAdanam  अभिवादनम् :-

  1. When ever you meet elders, you must rise from your seat (PratyutthAnam  प्रत्युत्थानम् )
  2. Do sAshtAnga namaskAr साष्टङ्ग नमस्कारम् 2 or 4 times facing the elders (abhi mukhA), you should not face south, facing east is the best.
  3. Close your ears with your palms, bow and tell aloud your abhivAdanam.  (Please click on "My abhivAdanam" tab to view your personalised abhivAdanam.
  4. At the end when you say "asmi bho:" touch their feet or the floor in front of the person with crossed hands.  (your right hand must touch their right foot and left hand must touch their left foot).

pratyAbhivAdanam प्रत्याभिवादनम् :-

The elderly person should hear the abhivAdanam carefully, understand your lineage, and bless you with soothing words called "AsheerwAd आशीर्वाद : "
A few blessing words which the elders can use as AsheervAdam :-
For example:- If your name is "shriram", then the elder says "AyushmAn bhava shriram sharmA"

1. AyuShmAn bhava   १. आयुष्मान् भव  (May you live long)

2. deerghAyushmAn bhava   २. दीर्घायुश्मान् भव  (May you live a complete and long life)

3. deergha sumangala bhava  ३. दीर्घ सुमङ्गल भव  (May you have good fortune)

4. yashasvee bhava  ४. यशस्वी भव  (May you live with fame)

5. tejasvee bhava  ५. तेजस्वी भव  (May you have brilliance)

6. varchasvee bhava  ६. वर्चस्वी भव   (May you be energetic)

7. medhAvee bhava  ७. मेधावी भव  (May you be intelligent)

8. shreer bhava  ८. श्रीर् भव  (May you have all auspisciousness)

9. aShTaishvaryavat bhava  ९. अष्टैश्वर्यवत्भव  (May you possess the eight fold wealth)

10.sukhee bhava  १०.सुखी भव  (May you have happiness)

11.vijayee bhava  ११.विजयी भव  (May you be victorious)



दॆवान् नदीन् सभाम् वृक्षान् अग्निकार्यम् तथा यतिम् ।
दन्डवत् प्रणमॆत् भूमौ न अभिवादन् माचरॆत् ॥

dEvaan nadeen sabhaam vrukshAn agnikAryam tathA yatim |

danDavat praNamEt bhoomou na abhivAdan maacharEt ||

1 .Namaskaar and abhivAdanam to elders should not be done in Temples.  Only the diety can be prostrated.  "abhivAdanam" is not done to dieties.

2. It is also not done to rivers or sacred trees.

3. It is not done to BrahmachAris (unmarried) and SanyAsis.

4. "abhivAdanam" should not be performed to a group/sabhA of elders.  It is only one to one basis.

5.  "abhivAdanam" cannot be done to women, but can be done to your MOTHER.

6.  "abhivAdanam" can be done to your guru's wife as she is in the capactiy of a mother.

7.  It is also not done before the sacred fire.

    In all the above places, namaskArAs must be done like a falling stick.  


Elders stand testimony to the fact that maturity can be gained only through discipline and perseverence.They can give you unconditional love and advice, out of their compassion.  Their blessings are not mere words, but soothing energy currents that calm your mind.  Please take time to feel that intimate blessing by doing abhivAdanam.


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यदक्षरपदभ्रष्टं मात्राहीनं तु यद् भवॆत्। तत्सर्वं क्षम्यतां दॆव नारायण नमॊस्तुतॆ॥ विसर्गबिन्दुमात्राणि पदपादाक्षराणि च।न्यूनानि चातिरिक्तानि क्षमस्व परमॆश्वर॥ अपराध सहस्राणि क्रियन्तॆ हर्निशं मया। तानि सर्वाणी मॆ दॆव क्षमस्व पुरुषॊत्तम॥

Prostrations to thee, Lord NaaraayaNaa, Please forgive me for all those defects in the letters, words or phonetics that I have uttered.  Oh!ParamEshwaraa, please forgive me for all those defects in using the visarga (:), the bindu (.) or intonation of words, phrases or alphabets. Oh! PuruShOttamaa, I have committed thousands of sins day and night. Please forgive me for all that.


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कॆ इत्यस्मिन् दृश्यमानम् अक्षरं ह्रस्वमात्रां द्योतयति देवनागर्याम्। के इत्यत्र विद्यमाना दीर्घमात्रेत्य् अभिज्ञायते। शोधयत।
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Quoting Rajamani V Pudusseri:
Namaskaram, I was told the following as my abhivAdanam. "SAtya, SAnkrutya, Gowriveetha, ThrayArisheya, Pravaranvita, Sankruti Gothraha, Abasthamba Sootraha, Yaju SAkha Adyayee, Aadimurthy Sarma NAmAha Aham asmibho ho" But what you are suggesting differs. (Starts with Angeerasa ....). Kindly advise. Rajamani

Namaste shri Rajamani,
We thank you for your observation on sankruti gotra. When we referred, we found that there are 2 gotra pravrams for this sankruti gotra. One combination with Sage Angeerasa and the other with Sage shAktya. So we have added one more result to your my abhivAdanam tab. Please check it. You may continue with shAktya gotra as usual.
Thanks for your active participation and contribution to your website.
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Namaskaram, I was told the following as my abhivAdanam. "SAtya, SAnkrutya, Gowriveetha, ThrayArisheya, Pravaranvita, Sankruti Gothraha, Abasthamba Sootraha, Yaju SAkha Adyayee, Aadimurthy Sarma NAmAha Aham asmibho ho" But what you are suggesting differs. (Starts with Angeerasa ....). Kindly advise. Rajamani
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