Wednesday, 17th July 2019


Hello, children of eternity!

I chose to speak to remind you of the treasure you haven’t yet unearthed!


Shruti says, धर्मॊ विश्वस्य जगत: प्रतिष्ठा  “dharmO vishvasya jagataha pratishTA”, which means “dharmA is the foundation for the entire universe” and

atharva vEda says पृथवीं धर्मणा धृतां  “prithivIm dharmaNA dhritAm”, which means “The stability of the universe is sustained by dharmA”.   So I must have been born long long ago even before you entered this world.  My collars are up!!


Oh! Your world is full of action, full of change. So you must be busy learning, planning, executing, analyzing, training, reviewing and again planning?  And ofcourse, it is all about managing people,  co-existing souls who are also doing the same  in  their own plane.  So why are you all doing this?  Because of my partner “karmA”..oops! he was also born with me.  Perhaps we were made for each other…..ha ha ha!


Shruti also said, धर्मॊ रक्षति रक्षित: “dharmO rakshati rakshitaha” which means “dharmA  protects those who protect dharmA”.


Here am I at your service..I am a set of “codes of conduct” formulated  to help you balance your actions ( the never ending KarmA), and also lead you to eternal bliss.  I am talking about “Samskaaras”, which are ordained duties to be performed by you, that will help you  balance your karmAs, both at the material level and at the spiritual level.  When each of you perform your respective “samskArAs”, the society at large is benefited and enlightened.

But do the practices of samskaaras really exist today or is it an utopian expression only? Only symbolic expression of rituals exist here and there in a modern way, like thread ceremony, marriages, etc. Even if it is performed in some corners, is it really performed the way it is supposed to?   I have often heard people saying that they have compromised on rituals because of busy routines.

As this “no time” is a universal problem all conveniently agree that  these plights are inevitable and are due to the fiery flare of “kali purushA”, and by all standards, it will deteriorate further, generation by generation.  Gradually it has now become an ignored and once upon a time tradition.

As a result, we have lost our roots and indeed the routes to a holistic way of life, the SanAtana DharmA

But the Supreme Lord, the infinite, and the knower of all, has from time to time revealed all the knowledge through the shrutis (heard by sages directly from the divine power) and the smRutis (written by austere sages) only to protect us and help us live a peaceful life amidst all this bustle.

वॆदॊ अखिलॊ धर्म मूलम् स्मृति शीलॆ च तद् विदाम्,आचारश् च ऎव साधूनाम् आत्मनस् तुष्टिर् ऎव च" - मनुस्मृति २.६ -                   “vEdO akhilO dharma moolam smruti sheelE cha tad vidAm, AchArash cha Eva sAdhoonaam aatmanas tusTir Eva cha"--- Manusmriti 2.6”  -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The ancient vedAs  are the original source of  dharmA,  then the SmRutis, ie.  the tradition and practices of those who have learned the Vedas (i e) shIlAs, sishtAchArAs or sishtAgamAs and also  the  customs of saints (sAdvAchArAs) that please one's soul.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


And where there are 2 different opinions about a topic in dharmA, the wise Rushis have called both of them as having equal authority.  So either of them may be followed as an alternative. ManusmRuti 2.14

श्रुतिद्वैधं तु यत्र स्यात्तत्र धर्मावुभौ स्मृतौ ।

उभावपि हि तौ धर्मो सम्यगुक्तौ मनिषिभि: ॥

shrutidvaidhaM tu yatra syAttatra dharmAvubhau smRutau |
ubhAvapi hi tau dharmo samyaguktau maniShiBi: ||
So what if we catch up with the lost paradise and resolve ourselves !

*Let our actions be bound by shAstras with unbreakable faith for a greater quality of freedom through enlightenment.

*Let us chase the foot prints presently available and bring out those people to the lime-light, who are observing SAMSKAARAS even now, against all odds…

*Let us befriend shaastraas of ancient wisdom, have their constant companionship and follow their guidelines to feel rich and sacred.

*Let us give our brothers a helping hand by enlightening them about samskaaraas.

*Let us promote adherence to vEda shaastras and prevent its extinction.

*Let us live a life with a sense of dedicating all  karmas, as the worship of the Lord.

*Let us offer holistic living as an oblation to the sacrificial fire of life as the Yagna.

*Let us live a life of intelligent self-contol at all levels.

This is a website devoted exclusively for Samskaaras. The designing part of this site is underway. The site owns a broad idea of bringing back Samskaaras in all their splendor into the life of contemporary Hindu brethren and eventually preserving the same for posterity.  No single individual can do this research and practice independently.  This attempt is an honest and sincere journey just begun….

Please register to become a member and travel wisely from food to God. 

Thank you,








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Thank you for your support and motivation sir.
#3 V.NARAYANAN 2014-04-28 12:26
The introduction of yet another source of information " Numbers in vedic life" is laudable and interesting.
Kudos for the good work.
#2 vidya varadhan 2013-05-20 19:03
An excellent attempt!
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good information